IMG_7420Hello my lovelies! Sorry for being MIA for a couple of months. Now I am back with a bang of a blog-post about the prettiest/sensual colours of all……
Drumrolls…..The RED.
December is the season of festivities all over the world. Also, what’s the best way to end the year other than wear something fun, playful and bold than a statement makeup-look. The easiest way to jazz things up for the lazy us is wear the Red lip and Baam! You look a million bucks. You are basically done for the Xmas parties and New Year’s night.
I thought wouldn’t it be fun to share my most favourite Red Lipsticks of all time. These lipsticks would look great on most skin tones but try and pick which one you liked the most.

Here’s a disclaimer. I like my red lip stuff matte and long lasting, most of them are except the Charlotte Tilbury and Estee Lauder(they are both satin finish). And they all are very comfortable on the lips.

The Xmas RED.
Nars Cruella – My newest addition to my reds collection. Honestly where was it all my life. I was pissed at myself that why haven’t I bought this in the first place. I mean, I knew about it for years then why didn’t I take the plunge. Argh… Anyways, I have it now and I love it. True Red on me. Very comfortable to wear. I simply love it!!

New Year’s Eve RED.
Mac’s Russian Red – I mean business like a red lip, but in a sexy way. If you know, what I mean. It was my very first proper red lipstick. Honestly, at time it was only one I could ever find which suited me without making me look like a joker. Most of the time I like wearing it with my ethnic Indian clothes.
FACT: Dark red with blue undertones (makes your teeth look extra white).

FUN Xmas Dinner Parties RED.                                                                             Mac’s Retro Ruby Roo – Now if you are going for the 1940’s pin up look this one gives you that straight away. I look so vintage. Ha. It’s a very feminine colour. Looks good on almost everybody. Don’t hold me against it, if it doesn’t suit you. This is from the retro matte range. It means its super matte compared with other Mac’s matte range lipsticks. Now the only problem I always face with it is because of my ever so dry lips that it makes my lips very dehydrated. It gets onto the cracks or you can say makes more cracks and the whole situation becomes very gross after a wear for 2 hours max. I want to love it, but it doesn’t love me back. Story of my life.

Not Fun Pre-Xmas Dinner Parties RED.                    
Mac’s Viva Glam I – It’s a brick red good for those Xmas parties which you want to look good but don’t want to be too glam. You know those kind of boring have to go ones. Not saying it’s a boring colour. It’s beautiful, but more on a modest level. And because its on the Viva Glam range you would be doing some good charity when you buy one. As Mac tends to donate the money earned from this line. So win win.

Girls Night-out RED.
Charlotte Tilbury’s So Marilyn – A very fun Red. Not my typical red lip, but the days you want something different for yourself this one works. This one I received in a gift set of three mini CT lipsticks. They all are very adorably cute. Satin/Glossy finish. Not my go to RED.

New Year’s RED.                                                                                                                Estee Lauder’s (Pure colour Envy Lipstick) Envious – A pinkish Red. If you like pink undertones, in your red lippies then this one is a winner. I have a very weird skin tone. Some days when it just can’t make up its mind, I whip this out and it makes me look bit more presentable.

The Awkward Tip: Always, try on a red lipstick before you buy it no matter how much you feel hesitant or just awkward in asking. Just be bold like red and ask for the trial. This is my way of saving us lot by not looking like jokers