First post of 2016!! Wish you all a Very HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

Now back to the blog post!

It’s just Bioderma but it’s freaking awesome!!!

I wanted to do a quick review on it as it has been long overdue. I posted a picture on Instagram recently and a lot of you asked me to share my thoughts about it.FullSizeRender

I got to know about Bioderma about three years ago via Youtube. All nice/expensive things that I have learnt about were mostly from Youtube. I blame them! And not. Three years back in the UK, Bioderma wasn’t easily available in drugstores like now. So I had ordered it on Amazon, paid a hefty price compared to the actual price you get in France. Hated that. But when it arrived, I loved it using the very first time. After using it, I haven’t found anything that takes makeup off so quickly and effectively. Sometimes I have gone to bed without washing my face and my skin didn’t react the next day. And I have semi sensitive combination skin. So I know.

Some points on Bioderma!:

  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution.
  • Very gentle at removing makeup.
  • Can be used twice, 7 days a week.
  • It doesn’t strip you of your natural good oils completely making your skin feel soft and supple after using it.
  • Skin feels clean and fresh.
  • Works well on all skin types, though they have different varieties of it.  But I have only used the original version.
  • Drugstore price.
  • Now available in both UK(easily) and India(little difficult, but you can get your hands on these)

How do you use Bioderma?

  • I usually take two cotton pads and soak one of them with it, then press the two together and it distributes the solution evenly. (My Tip on getting bang for your buck)
  • Then press the two cotton pads on your respective eyes and keep it pressed for 30 seconds.
  • Slowly and gently in circular motion with the non-makeup side of the cottons take the rest of your make-up.
  • It comes off easily with no dragging or tugging of the skin.
  • I take another cotton pad with a little bit of it, just to make sure all the makeup is off my face.

Only Con: It stinks my eyes a bit.

Where do you buy Bioderma?

If you live in the UK, you can easily get at your local Boots, or you can always order it online at their website. It retails for 250ml for £10.20.

In India you get it at It retails for 250ml for INR 890 and 100ml for INR 599.

On the other hand, I buy it from In my opinion, this is the cheapest place where I get my hands on these. I pay for two Bioderma of 500ml each for £21.49. This bulk buying lasts me for ages. More than a year and half. Bargain!

Unfortunately, this is only available for anyone who is living in the UK.

Why do you buy Bioderma?

I would say its worth the buy. That’s why I made a post on it.  I have suffered a lot from acne and most of it because of me using makeup removing wipes from the drugstore. More than often I had horrible break outs and had no clue why. Since I have stopped using the wipes so regularly (I still use some during my ultra lazy days) my skin has improved and skin has calmed down. A big chunk of thanks goes to Bioderma. It has helped me a lot. If you are suffering from acne then I would suggest please quit the makeup wipes for sure even if you don’t use Bioderma. But it’s sure is best at what it does. Do try and let me know what you feel about it!

See you, until my next post lovelies!! xx


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