Review: Loccitane Hands Scrub!


Review aka Little Story Time:  Loccitane Hands Scrub!
I have inherited the driest hands from my mother and she from her’s. It’s so embarrassing because my maternal grandpa and my dad even my boyfriend has the softest hands. My boyfriend especially has the baby soft hands. And whenever he holds mine, he would tell me that he feels like, he’s holding rough and tough construction workers hands instead of a girl’s. So my femininity goes down the drain whenever I hear that. Even though he means it as a joke, he isn’t wrong. I decided, last year during Summers that I need to fix this. I deserve baby soft hands too.IMG_3496
I have dry-dehydrated hands that sometimes, turns little grey ish(I know gross) but happens especially during the Winters. Also, I have a habit of washing my hands bit too much so that doesn’t help. Makes my skin drier. So when I went to the Loccitane counter last summer in London and told them about this problem they suggested to try this scrub out. I wasn’t convinced until they made me try it out in the shop itself! The Sales lady said after using it my hands would feel as baby’s bottom and she wasn’t lying. After I gave it a go in the shop it felt so soft similar to baby soft skin. I seriously couldn’t stop feeling the softness of my hands! It look away the flakiness and there was no grey ness either. And Voilà beautiful soft hands under a minute. It definitely after that became my hands food.
I have been using it for over 9 months now and my hands situation is so much better compared. The thing with this, like any other product is you need to be persistent with it. And I am super lazy, which isn’t good for my hands. The Sales lady asked me to use it twice a week. I haven’t done that sometimes I have skipped a week or two in between as I forgot. Either way I have seen a significant change in my skin’s texture. I made my mom hooked too and she has drier hands than mine and absolutely loves it.
Now Some Fun Facts!

How Loccitane recommends to use this?
1 – Squeeze a small amount of body scrub onto your palms before you bathe or shower.
2 – Apply to your skin and massage in circular motions, always from your ankles up to stimulate skin micro-circulation.
3 – Focus on areas that tend to be rough (heels, knees, elbows, shoulders…) I only use on my hands, as its too expensive to use all over the body.
4 – Completely rinse off the product.
How I use it? I use the spatula given with the product. Take one teaspoon of it in my dry hands and massage it thoroughly through my knuckles and cuticles for a minute. Then wash it off without towel drying my hands. I let it air dry. That bit is annoying but its worth is, as you need to let the Shea butter oil to sink in. Once my hands are dried I use the hand cream from The Shea Butter Range, which I absolutely love. All these stuff I do especially at night and go to bed. It’s a little nighttime treat to myself. Otherwise it’s no use for me as I said earlier I wash my hands so much it wouldn’t really help. But at night it can do it’s magic while I have my beauty sleep.

How long it lasts? It took me more than 5 months to finish my first tub, then again I used it 2-3 times a week.

Price: One size available i.e.100ml in UIMG_0497K- £15 and India- 1790INR.
Ingredients: Has 15% Shea Butter Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Sugar.

Where do you buy it from?
India- or Loccitane Indian Website. Thankfully  Loccitane isn’t too hard to get hold of in India now.
UK- From its UK website or Debenhams, and loads of places stock it up. It’s easily available.

Now go and give your hands a little treat. They do so much for us. That’s what I would do after I am done with this post.

Hope you all have a good night! XOXO


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