Lets talk some Boobs! MyHack! Alternative to Lush’s Lovely Jubblies!

Umm let’s talk about Boobs shall we!?

Recently I did a blogpost about my empties. Lush’s Lovely Jubblies was featured as one of the empties and many of you were very curious and wanted me to do review on it. Unfortunately, Lovely Jubblies is no longer with us. Lush has decided to wave goodbye to it. But nevertheless I wanted to tell you all about the my personal hack/alternative boob care option.

In this blogpost we will all get up close and personal. If you don’t like boobs then this post isn’t for you. But if you do and like to take care of them, then keep on reading. 

I will give a little insight to my boob story. I always had medium/average sized boobs nothing too small or too big. And I never really had any issues about it either. As puberty hit me, boobs became a part of my life which I, never fully understood or even cared about.img_4496

But when I shifted to UK. I became a free eater meaning I would eat just anything, like without thinking of the conscience of getting fat. I gained 7 kilos in a year and that gave me some boob fat. Yes boobs are made of fat cells. I know, very attractive. Anyways after gaining so much weight, one day I noticed that I started to get stretch marks around my boob area. It was an OMG moment for me. And after a few days I also noticed that my boobs have lost it’s elasticity, like it’s not firm like it used to be. And I had firm perky boobs. This scared the crap out of me. I was no way going to have this in the prime of my youth. It was a big no no for me was not ready to accept it. Not at all.

So the whole concept of taking care of my boobs came when I was going through this situation. The amazing Lovely Jubblies breast cream was recommended to me by a sales lady in Lush UK, when I told her about my boobs concern. She told me that she loves it for her boobs. I thought of giving it a try. I used it religiously everyday for 2 months and loved the outcome of it and kept using it till they killed it off. Just when you have found your one true perfect boob cream Lush decided to chuck it. I mean thats just mean, cruel and not fair. So this following Hack/Dupe thingy I have been using for the past 2 months or so as I have finished my tub of loveliness. And it’s working perfectly fine.

Hack for Lush’s Lovely Jubblies:

Ahh this where my hack comes in. Since it has been killed off which is just urgh!!  But you still want to take care of your boobs and have similar effects. Then just apply any serum that doesn’t work for your skin or got little old or was a bad impulse buy which doesn’t work for your skin (you know we all have one, it’s not just me okay!!). Just use it for your boobs. It works wonders. I have been using BodyShop’s Vitamin E Moisture Serum  which my mom disliked for her face and didn’t use. So I decided to use up and see if it works or not, because I didn’t wanted to waste it. I felt, it gives similar results. I have tried and tested it, when my cream was finished. I use a pea size amount of the serum for both of my boobs. Warm it up between the palms of my hands and give a circular massage to my boobs. After using the serum for several weeks now, I realised this works very similar to the cream. I mean it’s not the exact thing but it’s better to apply something than be sorry.

As you all know as we grow old, like everything else our boobs gets saggy too. To keep them looking healthy, perky and it’s elasticity for long this hack is the best I have found so far. And if you too want to show your boobs some love as they deserve it try this hack. And thank me later. Like seriously I mean it, you really would. This is my Holy Grail hake. No jokes here.

And Lush, please if you are reading get Lovely Jubblies back, our boobs need it, atleast mine does!!!

Let me know what do you do to take care of your lovelies!

Take care of yourself.
Love. XOXO.


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