As a tween I had very bad dark circles, cause I was a nerd and also used to suffer a lot from some illness or the other. That gave me really bad dark under eye circles and sunken eyes. Then when I was in my
late teens I had on and off light-darkness under my eyes, which I got rid of completely while using Clinique’s Dark Eyes Corrector. But they were never completely gone, I was happy with the results, no complaints as such.FullSizeRender-4

This October, I was diagnosed with Dengue which totally messed up my skin, especially my under-eye area. I again had those dark sunken under eyes. And my previous eye cream couldn’t handle it. Then my hunt for a new anti dark circles eye cream began. And I stumbled upon Shiseido’s Eye cream. The first time I used it the next  day I felt a difference. Nothing major, but still it felt brighter. I thought may be it’s all in my head. Then after using it religiously for next 3 weeks or so, I was like wait a minute my under eye area doesn’t look that bad. As I continued using it for two more weeks and now I can proudly say I have no dark circles! It’s like a magic eraser for my dark circles. My mom who has worse dark circles than me said she felt a major difference as me and I can say it has reduced so so much on her. She absolutely loves it. She though, has only used it for 2 weeks now and will continue with it.



How do you use it?

  •  I use it twice, day and night.
  • Take 1/3 of a pea size amount (depends how small/large your eyes are) with the spatula given with the cream. This is normally the amount I use.
  • Warm it up between your ring fingers and pat it lightly as a C; starting from your inner under eyes, to the eyebrow bone area. Whatever is left dab it lightly one the rest of your eyes.
  • Do not rub it in. That’s bad. Just don’t.

Price? FullSizeRender-3
It’s bloody £55 in U.K. (which is where I bought it). Such a rip off because when I went to the Shishedo counter in Kolkata (India), it was ₹3000. It pissed me off so much. But I bought a back up just in case.
Where can you buy it?

U.K. – Debenhams, John Lewis, Boots, Harrods, House of Fraser, Feel, Space NK, Harvey Nichols and which is where I bought mine😡😡😡!!).

India – Shopper’s Stop (this has the best price to buy it from), Flipkart and Amazon( both have increased the price way too much, but if you are in need of it then you can buy it from there).

Awkward Tip: Remember the skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile. Please don’t rub your eyes with force. It gives you premature fine lines following with wrinkles. Now who wants that! So don’t do that!!! Be polite to yourself it’s nice!

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday Funday!

Love. XOXO